Thursday, 24 November 2011

My old-lady hobby

Alright, so maybe crocheting isn't so old-lady anymore... but when I'm in my easy-chair with a blanket over my legs, slippered toes pointing out, and hunching over a ball of yarn counting stitches, I feel pretty old! However, I realize the whole knitting/crocheting/original-clothing-and-accessory thing is really coming into its own again these days. I haven't ventured as far as clothing yet (I just don't know if I trust myself to go to the trouble of crocheting a sweater, and then actually wear it!) but I'm having fun with the accessories. I've made stuffed animals for a few baby cousins and a baby nephew (amigurumi, very fun!), as well as slippers (not worth the effort in my opinion), and my favourite - this lovely headwarmer/head band! I thought the pattern was so cute that I wanted to share it with you. It's very customize-able (it's a word now!) and, in BC, totally wearable.
This is what the colour is really like - a beautiful soft beige

(I thought this a good time to let you know that while my primary focus with this blog is cooking/food, I am certainly hoping to incorporate other "housewifely" things - like cleaning tips, gardening, chickens, and fun crafts like this)


(Her blog pictures are WAY better than mine, but I'm quite proud of the job I've done)


  1. Wonderful Justine! When did you learn how to crochet? are you enjoying it? Your creations are looking good so far! =) Keep it up!

  2. Where's the picture of you in the easy chair avec les accoutrements? That's what I wanna see! :)

  3. That's really cute! Christmas gifts?

  4. Justine! So cute! Can you make me one?