Saturday, 21 July 2012

Strawberry Shortcakes

Strawberry season won't be around for much longer for those of us here in Coastal BC. Sure there are some late-summer varieties on their way, but by that time we'll be neck deep in cherries, peaches, and tomatoes. So QUICK run out and buy yourself another basket of those plump local berries and make these Strawberry Shortcakes!

Events that require my baking/cooking skills often like to pounce on me last minute, especially in summer when gatherings of friends and families are spur of the moment, often based on weather. That usually sends me sprinting to the computer, hurriedly looking up delicious dishes that are also a snap to make. That's how I found this shortcake recipe from Martha Stewart.

A shortcake is essentially a biscuit that's been sweetened a little, so they come together fast and bake quickly. All you have to do after that is cut them in half and fill them with something sweet and something fluffy. Aka strawberries and whip cream. Enjoy!

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