Friday, 16 November 2012

Huevos Rancheros... ish

If I said "the Holiday Season is now upon us" I probably wouldn't get a lot of argument these days. Yes, it's only the middle of November, but I think for most people it's close enough that the words Christmas Shopping cause sweaty palms and mental checklists to appear. You've probably already got your first get-together or party lined up in the cross-hairs, am I right? If you're feeling a bit of pressure in the next few weeks and cooking dinner is the absolute LAST thing on your mind, read on for an easy and filling dinner.
A rushed version of Huevos Rancheros. If you're okay with eating eggs for dinner then by all means, give this a shot! You likely have all the ingredients in you cupboards anyway!

Please excuse the poor picture quality. As I've said before, I don't think eggs photograph well so I didn't put in a lot of effort!

What you need:
- A large can of diced tomatoes
- Salsa
- 4 eggs (for two people)
- Rice/Quinoa
Those are the bare minimum.

See? Eggs are ugly, right? But boy are they delicious!

 1) If you have some fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, or peppers, dice those babies up and sautee them in some oil in the largest skillet you have! Set your grain of choice a-cooking while you finish up.
2) Add the can of tomatoes, and pour on as much salsa as your little heart desires. Give it a good stir and on medium-high heat, bring it to a simmer.
3) Once the mixture is good and hot, crack your eggs right in there! Reduce heat to medium-low, pop a lid on that bad-boy, and wait for your eggs to cook! You can season with salt, pepper, and/or paprika at this point if you want. If you want very cooked eggs, probably give it around 7-8 minutes. If you like a runny yolk, poke at them around the 4-5 minute mark (you'll want the whites to have JUST finished cooking).

Top your rice/quinoa with this hearty concoction, and garnish with something green!

I want to say a Spanish version of Bon Apetit, but I just don't know what that would be so....


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  1. Justine, made this for dinner tonight. Added dill and ground turkey. It was amazing! Chris and Michelle agreed. Great recipe.