Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Eat it Up - Herbies Drive-In

 With my limited budget I hope to visit enough interesting restaurants, cafes, diners, and drive-ins that I can make Eat it Up a fairly regular addition to my blog. Eating good food is fun, but so is talking about it!

First up is a drive-in very close to my heart. I have only eaten here 3 or 4 times, but this place still has strong emotions and memories attached to it. Up until a few years, my family took an annual summer camping trip to Salmon Arm. It had been a tradition since before I was a baby - my Dad's family started going when he was a teenager. Part of their trip often included a stop at Herbies Drive-in, in Cache Creek. Home of the Legendary Monster Burger, and the beckoning "HUNGRY?" sign.

When my siblings and I found out about this place, we of course begged to go, and from that first meal there we fell in love with the history and the food. Unfortunately we started our tradition only a few years before we stopped going on the camping trip. It's my goal to go there as many summers as possible anyway, and introduce the tradition to my kids one day.

Old-school diner style on the inside.
Oh Poutine.
My favorite thing to get is the Poutine, and my husband loves their soft-serve cones. Fun Fact: Most soft serve is made with milk but Herbies makes theirs with cream, making it the most delicious thing you've ever had. You can also get it dipped in Chocolate or Strawberry sauce. Yum! A trip wouldn't be complete, of course, without the Monster Burger. Two big fat patties on a soft bun served with the classic burger toppings. What more could you want in a drive-in? Go here, and eat it up.
Chocolate dipped, creamy soft serve

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  1. HERBIES!!! I love it there. I have many a memory of driving up to Prince George and stopping for a strawberry milk shake - complete with lactose intolerant tummy ache! Oh Herbies.