Friday, 24 February 2012

Fish Tacos and a Confession

Our first meal to start easing into the Daniel Fast was Fish Tacos. The only thing not in the 'rules' was the fish (Tilapia), but that's not the confession. We are making exceptions for occasional meat, and when we do it will be prepared in the healthiest way possible. SO, don't judge us if you see some recipes that include meat - we didn't want this to become the kind of thing where you give yourself a guilt trip if you don't follow the rules exactly. I'm also not going to kill myself trying to come up with the perfect meal - we're using the Fast as a guideline, and will do our best to follow it wherever we can.

I'm starting to like fish tacos more than what can now only be considered a North American taco. I think it's because they seem more authentic. In the places where tacos originate they aren't laden with sour cream, cheese, and "taco seasoning". They are often very simple and very fresh - lots of fresh chiles, tomatoes, and herbs. Exactly the kind of cooking style that I enjoy. Minimalist, with loads of fresh flavors. This is also one of the fastest, healthiest week night meals I've come across in a long time. Even if only for that, you should try these! You can find the recipe here.

Now on to the confession. It's a little strange....... Here goes: When it comes to food, there are few things I enjoy more than discovering a perfectly ripe Avocado. It's always a gamble with Avocados. They feel soft, are they too soft? Are they soft enough, is that a bruise? Eeek! But then you slice into that thing, and when it's a good one I think a Heavenly Choir sings a little bit! I always exclaim in delight when I find a good one. They're just so pretty! With their creamy flesh that fades from a buttery yellow in the center to a soft but vivid green around the edges. Mm! I often give a few moments of silence to take in their splendor before I get to work cutting them up.

Well, now you know why I have two pictures of Avocados below.
I just want to stick my face in it.

Which would actually be a good thing - they do wonders for your skin when used internally OR externally!


  1. I am a similar devotee to the Temple of the Perfect Avocado. I buy mine 4 or 5 at a time, hard and green. I lay them in with the bananas and they ripen slowly and perfectly. As long as you make sure you always buy un-ripe ones as the others are ripening, you shall never be without!